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Be Kind to Animals Week runs from May 2-8 this year.  I know what all you animal lovers like me are thinking out there -- why just one week?  Well, you have to give the American Humane Association credit for creating this event because since 1915 they've been trying to make people aware of the importance of being kind to animals.  And, maybe - just maybe, if we help them spread the word about how to do this, more people will do it, not just one week of the year, but everyday. 

Their ideas are basic, but could help people become more aware of what they can do on a daily basis to be kind.  They are:

1. Speak Out for Animals

2. Report Animal Abuse

3. Appreciate Wildlife

4. Adopt a Pet from a Shelter or Rescue

5. Take Care of Your Pet

And with each of these ideas, they follow up with "Learn How." 

Green Paw salutes you American Humane.  Now let's all show others how they can be kind to animals.  Encourage them to visit American Humane's website and "Learn How."

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