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This dog just loves being tickled, and the noises he makes just too cute.
This is just too cute! 
This video is so adorable, you just have to watch it for yourself.  A cat named Stanley plays with his good friend, Gabriel, a dog.
Watch this incredible video of a man's reunion with a gorilla in the wild. 
World-renowned climber Kay LeClaire just happened to be running by an old railroad abutment when she heard the cries of a kitty in distress.  The poor little guy was high atop the huge structure with no way to get down.  LeClaire quickly went home and got her climbing gear and safely rescued the cat, who was immediately adopted.   At 60 years old, LeClaire became the oldest woman to climb the highest peaks in all seven continents.  Happy ending.
If you've got the holiday blues, just watch this video and we're sure these festive canines will get you right into the holiday spirit. 


Though short, we just had to share this adorable Surprised Kitty from YouTube.  The kitty's name is Attila (as in the Hun) because she is supposedly fierce.  But on the other hand, she is so cute her surname is Fluff, thus Attila Fluff.  This video, an instant sensation (you understand why) went viral after a teenager named Rosa shot the video of her friend's cat Attila one day while visiting then decided to put it on YouTube.  And on that day, a star was born!


We like to share our favorite videos, and here's another that is sure to make you smile. And, once again, you'll see that friends come in all shapes and sizes. Enjoy.
Every year in May we celebrate Mothers with their own special day. The mothering instinct is indisputably one of the strongest and most powerful. But, check out these unusual mothers. It just goes to show you that this extraordinary instinct knows no boundaries.

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