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Animal lovers, or for that matter any person with an iota of compassion, never get numb to animal abuse.  Last month,  a Pit Bull puppy, became another tragic example of horrendous animal abuse at the hands of the very person who was supposed to be his guardian.  Patrick, so named because he was discovered the day before St. Patrick's Day, was starved, neglected, abused, and then put in a plastic garbage bag and tossed down an apartment garbage chute (a 22-story apartment building - Patrick was thrown down from the 19th floor).  When a maintenance worker noticed the bag moving just before he was going to put it in the trash compactor, he found the emaciated body of a puppy near death.

Animal Control was called and Patrick was rushed for emergency veterinary care.  Miraculously, he is recovering though not out of the woods.  An unidentified object is lodged in his intestines.  He was grossly underweight and is slowly progressing from his fragile, skeletal figure.  (The pictures so disturbing, GP has decided not to put them on the website.)

An outcry from the public and the media has resulted in upgraded charges against Patrick's "owner," Kisha Curtis of Newark, New Jersey.  The charges were disorderly persons offense, but have been upped to indictable offense of torment and torture, a fourth-degree criminal charge that carries a sentence of 18 months in jail and/or a $3,000 fine if convicted.

Rachel Wolf, of Burbank California, has launched a website and a cause:  Patrick's Law, to spark a movement toward tougher animal abuse legislation nationwide.

Please visit Patrick's Law and contact your local legislators to enact tougher laws and penalties for animal abusers.  No more slap on the wrist!  Let's make this happen together.

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