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Meet SYDNEY as well as other Green Paw Best Friends. We asked our members to send us photos of their best friend. Check out some of them here, and also on the rotating pet gallery.  See below for information and terms on submitting photos.

SYDNEY, the "Wild Kitty"  My cat Q had just died when I found a teensy kitten hopping around in the ivy outside the house. My first thought was I must get her out of harm’s way as the neighborhood was being invaded by coyotes looking for a good meal.  But there was no catching this girl easily. I put food out for her but she was extremely skittish, and more interested in eating bugs than the food I was supplying. For a month, I saw her hanging out with birds, squirrels, and lizard, her friends.  Finally, she began eating the food I gave her.  I would watch from nearby but never too close. I wasn't up for another pet but I had to at least make sure she was ok. My friends got a "have a heart" trap and shortly caught her. It turned out that what looked like a 3-month-old kitten was in fact an 8-month-old cat that had had a litter. She was spade, given shots and after a week, this feral kitty came home. Still, I had no intention of keeping her. She and I were very wary of each other.  I kept her in a huge cage as she was still so wild and skittish.  I probably felt worse about it than she did.  But after some time and much talking to her and feeding her, I opened the cage door. 

Fast forward to today.
Sydney stayed and is a cute, funny member of the family. She loves her housemate, Pepper, an Aussie shepherd. When Pepper comes home from being out, Sydney buries her nose in Pepper’s fur and gives her a thorough inspection. She sleeps on a pillow next to my head.  It’s amazing that she was ever feral.  Wherever I go, Sydney follows, happily chirping. That she survived where coyotes are extremely common is a testament to her smarts and skills. Although I wasn't ready or looking, obviously this cute pussycat was meant to be mine. Thanks Lisa in Los Angeles, California.



MARCELO is one of five pups dumped at the shelter at six weeks old, along with their mama and one of their papas.  The mother is a blonde chihuahua mix and papa looks similar.  Marcelo's siblings look nothing like him.  One looks like a pure chihuahua, another like a light-haired terrier.  One was born with only three legs.  The intake woman at the shelter took him home, fell in love, and adopted him herself!  Two of Marcelo's brothers were adopted by friends, so they keep in touch and have play dates.  This little guy has a really big personality.  He likes to keep busy.  I catch him rearranging the furniture in his den.  He likes the taste of kitchen cabinets and has a sweet tooth for electrical wiring (must keep a close watch on him).  There's nothing he won't eat - except dog food.  As for other pleasures, he enjoys chasing and then being chased by our cat.  He got bitten by the love bug and lavishes his affection shamelessly on Seymour, his teddy bear.  He hikes three miles every morning and still has enough energy to poke thousands of holes in my hands and feet with his baby teeth.  He is a little bundle of pure joy!  Thanks Leila in Sherman Oaks, California.

BEAUTY is a five-year-old Rottweiler. She was two years old when she was rescued after spending the first two years of her life locked in a crate in a barbershop bathroom. She was allowed out twice per day for bathroom breaks. We took Beauty to be groomed the day after she arrived at our home. Our groomer took one look at Beauty and asked if she had been kept in a crate due to her lack of muscle tone. I made it my mission to give Beauty the kind of life all dogs deserve. She has developed both physically and mentally. She now has toys to play with and a yard to run around in. She loves to be massaged and brushed and allows me to brush her teeth and dremel her nails. I work with Beauty daily on obedience training and this has greatly improved her confidence. We do have a crate for her, but the door is always open. She is such a joy that I can't imagine life without her. Thanks Sandra in New Jersey. We are so happy Beauty found such a wonderful home!



BUTCH is only eight weeks old in this photo, taken from his Momma too early.  Momma is a chihuahua and Daddy is a rolling stone.  I adopted him from Julie, one of the stylists at Shag, who had taken Butch and his sister Gator from the people who had Momma.  They were having to go back to El Salvador unexpectedly.  So Julie was left with the task of choosing one of the puppies and finding a home for the other.  The minute I saw Butch. it was love at first sight.  And I knew that if Tim saw him, he would fall in love with him, too.  And voila, here he is at home in NoHo.  Yay!  The vet thinks Dad could be a small bulldog breed.  Thanks Peter in NoHo, California (By the way, Peter, Tim and their adorable family are our next-door neighbors.  Cookie and I are happy to have them!)


Charlie an australian shepherd mix dog picture





For two years I tried to get this boy CHARLIE a home. A lot of people (including dog rescuers) didn't want him. He is an older Australian Shepherd mix but was listed as a cocker. I went to the shelter and found out that he wasn't a cocker, but I got him out anyway because I fell in love with him. He went from being a totally panic-stricken pacer to the most loving family dog that anybody could have hoped for. He's protective of his family and gives them kisses every night before going to bed. It's pictures like this that remind me of why I was a dog rescuer. It's clearly obvious from his spirit shining through in this picture that Charlie will truly enjoy Halloween this year. Happy tricks or treats my sweet little boy :) Thanks Laura in San Diego, California. And we'll invite GP readers to visit your site,
Monty a parrot picture


Hello. I'm MONTY Herman. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with my long-time partner.A We moved from New York City three years ago. I can't believe I'll be 20-years-old in August 2008, and I attribute my youthful appearance to a healthy diet that includes lots of Italian food, exercise and the fact that I never had to work a day in my life. Check out my youthful appearance and my flawless pink feet, with nails so perfect they would make Streisand envious. I'm glad we decided to spend the rest of our lives here. I enjoy going outside on my partner's shoulder and feeling the warm wind blow my feathers and looking out my window and actually seeing the ground and the trees, instead of looking into someone else's apartment. We have a car, and it's fun to take rides and sing along as loudly as I want, speeding along the freeway. I am honored to be featured here on Greenpaw with my other animal friends and am pestering my partner to pack-up the Subaru and pay you Californians a visit some day soon. Until then, this is Monty Herman wishing all the best for all the animals and the folks who love and care for us. Back to my mirror now to contnue preening! Thanks Tama in Albuquerque, New Mexico for taking dictation for Monty. I knew parrots could talk, but this guy is absolutely amazing!


Lola Great Pyrenees dog picture

LOLA is a nine-year-old Great Pyrenees. She loves pig ears, the dog park, naps and more pig ears. She's an accomplished actress. She played a male dog in the 2002 independent feature, "The Dog Walker." Here's a pic of her doing her favorite thing...lounging. Thanks Manny in Los Angeles, California.


Dizzy and Barcley dog picture

These are my two babies, DIZZY and BARCLEY. Dizzy is the Westie and is 15 years old. Barcley is a year and a half. I had a Scottie named Pepper who I lost before getting Barcley. He was 13. Dizzy was so disgusted with me for bringing home this crazy ball of energy. I wasn't too sure about it myself, having had older dogs for so long, I forgot what it was like having a puppy in the house. It took a little while, but it was the best thing I could have done. Dizzy has even come to accept him. I find them curled up near each other all the time. Thanks Michelle in Florida.


Heston a Great Dane dog picture

HESTON is a 4-month-old pure bred Great Dane. He's very active and fun. We just taught him how to swim and now he loves water. We weighed him on his 4-month birthday and he weighed 60.5 lbs. That's more than my 6-year-old son who weighs 48 lbs. and almost as much as my 10-year-old son who weighs 74.5 lbs! He is my dream dog. He's gorgeous and I love him! Thanks Stacy in The Woodlands, Texas.


Guus a Terrier dog pictureGUUS was born on April 11, 2005 and came to our house 8 weeks later. He is a real, real Terrier. Very sweet, very calm until we talk about play. Then he jumps and runs, fetches his toys, makes us throw them again, barks. Letting go of his toys is the hardest thing there is. He really clings to them and his strong jaws help him to achieve that goal. His favorite toys, which he knows by name (Spongebob, ball, doggie, floss, Pumba) are solid enough to overcome these jaws. As I work from home, he is with me the whole day long. Kind of like he is my shadow! At night he sleeps on our bed. I know... he is spoiled! We really enjoy his company. Thanks Cecile in Helmond, NB, Netherlands.
Runaway a bichon frise and poodle mix dog pictureRUNAWAY is a Bichon Frise/Poodle mix who lives in sunny southern California so once in a while she likes to wear her visor! Thanks Nancy and Mary in Sherman Oaks, California.
 Little Dickens a german shepard dog pictureLITTLE DICKENS is a little white German Shepherd that I rescued from the pound. He was one sick little guy when I got him. But as soon as he was well, all hell broke loose -- hence the name Little Dickens. But when you see his mug shot -- you can't help but love him. Thanks Lenore in Acton, California.
 Skye a yellow lab dog pictureSKYE, three months old, is as cute as a button. She is a yellow Lab who just loves to play. Of course, she's prone to a spontaneous nap, and then it's back to playing with her toys. Thanks Anita and Kris in North Hills, California.
 Daisy and Sophie Cat pictureDAISY (foreground) and SOPHIE (he) love to snuggle together when they sleep -- and preferably on Mom's bed. Thanks Kathy in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
Huck or Huckelberry Jack Russell dog pictureHUCK, short for Huckleberry Finn of Mark Twain fame, writes: "I'm four-years-old and like my namesake, I'm independent and love to play! I was born in the O.C. and I'm kind of a 'Play Dog.' I love the ladies and a good game of tennis ball. I love my family and most humans but like most Jack Russells, I've got the aggressive nature of General Patton if another male tries to be dominant. If I had thumbs, I'd rule the world!" Thanks Steve in Los Angeles, California. And please tell Huck we love the way he writes. He can write for GP anytime!
Q a Cat pictureQ (named after the James Bond character) is a sweet girl. Her favorite pasttime is watching TV in bed. Thanks Lisa in Los Angeles, California.
Shaggy mixe breed shelter dog pictureSHAGGY is a 12-month-old male mixed breed shelter dog. We guess he might be a Wheaten-Golden mix. He looks like a Briard or a rather small Irish Wolf Hound. People stop us on the street (pull the car over! to ask what breed he is). We found him on Petfinders and he came to us through FOWA after an owner surrender. We had an excellent adoption experience. He weighs 59 pounds and stands 26 inches tall. He is great with kids, loves all other dogs, and despises lawn mowers. His favorite toy is a stick, or a branch -- the longer the better. Our family feels very lucky that he found us. Thanks Laura in New Jersey.
Mack Dog pictureMACK'S favorite game is frisbee. She was asking why I was taking a photo and not throwiing the frisbee. Thanks Lesley in West Virginia.
Ferris Dog pictureFERRIS is Mack's brother." His favorite place is on the back of the couch. Thanks Lesley in West Virginia.
Harry Great Dane and Dalmation-Border Colie Mix dog picture

HARRY just turned 11 years old. He weighs 125 pounds and is quite a dapper guy -- dressed in his tuxedo and polka dot socks. Harry's daddy was a Great Dane and his mother a Dalmation-Border Collie mix. He loves everyone -- all people and animals. He is truly a gentle giant. Thanks LC in California.


Ally a Christmas Kitty cat pictureALLY is truly a Christmas kitty. We were thinking about getting a cat when one night around Christmas we heard meowing outside. It was a bitter cold night with a foot of snow on the ground. When we went outside, we found a little kitten, cold, wet and starving hiding in our Santa sleigh. We still don't know how she got there, but she has been with us for seven years and has brought us much joy! Thanks Lee in New Jersey.

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