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UPDATE:  On November 4, 2008 California voters did the right thing and overwhelmingly voted in favor of Prop 2 ensuring more humane treatment of farm animals and safer health standards.

An important ballot initiative is coming up for a vote in California on November 4.  It is about the humane treatment of farm animals.  While this initiative only affects animals in California, it may lead to similar measures in other states in the future.  As Wayne Pacelle, President of The Humane SocAn important ballot initiative is coming up for a vote in California on iety of the United States, says -- these animals make the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Can't we afford them some quality of life?

Proposition 2 would ensure that farm animals -- pigs, chickens, cows, etc. -- wouldn't be confined to the tight quarters they currently exist in.  In their present cramped quarters, they can't lie down, turn around, or move without touching the sides of their crates or another animal squished into the pen with them.  Those opposed to the proposition argue it would put California farmers -- particularly those raising chickens -- out of business for the extra expense it would cost to give these animals a humane life. 

I don't buy it.  There are farmers who currently are treating animals humanely -- in cage-free environments for example -- making a good living.  I buy organic eggs at a very reasonable price.  On the carton it states the chickens are cage-free.   Obviously, the bottom line is profit and not wanting to give up any of it for the sake of these animals. 

There are many other arguments supporting this initiative, such as the squalor some of these animals live in and what that translates into as far as the potential  health risks to people. 

Please, if you live in California, vote Yes on Prop 2.

Read more about Proposition 2. 


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