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Three years ago I read a story that really touched me.† It was the story of a school teacher and her fourth-grade students who were saving animals from being euthanized at their local shelter.† And I knew that someday, somehow I would try to help them.† That day has come.† They were making a difference.† And now I hope to make a difference, too.†

Theirs is an amazing story that demonstrates what people Ė and in this case, very young ones Ė can do.† Itís a wonderful example to all of us of the human spirit, of conviction and passion.† Their story truly embodies the core beliefs of Green Paw -- that kindness, compassion, and respect are due to all creatures, and that we all can and must have the courage to take those steps to make a difference.† Whether we believe it or not, our actions, however small or inconsequential they may seem to us, do matter.† As I said in my first letter on GP, itís as much the small actions of a great number of people that manifest change, as the great actions of a few.††

Iím hoping that by helping to get their story out, they will continue to get the help they need.† I made a commitment that every day in September, we would feature a photo of one of the 500 dogs at DAWGS Ė the Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary Ė in Texas.† Perhaps itís a remote possibility that someone reading their story here, and miles away from their shelter, will actually adopt one of these dogs.† But, Iím holding it out as a possibility.† And, if not, perhaps if youíre moved by their story as I was, you may wish to help them in some other way.

All the very best to everyone...until next time.

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