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Welcome to GreenPaw.com, a free online publication providing information, news, and resources related to the natural wellness of animals, but also encompassing the wellness of their human companions and the environment.† As our name implies, our goal is to keep it healthy and natural.

They say necessity is the mother of invention or, as in this case, the mother of information.† And when it comes to our animals, or family members as we think of them, their issues and ailments are often what necessitates and motivates us to get informed about specific topics.† Here at GP, we will present topics that have either personally affected us or that we feel are important and need to be addressed.

While our goal is to embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle for our pets as naturally as possible, I am a believer in a synergistic approach to pet care.† There are just some things that can best be achieved with the blending of the east and west.† Our goal at GP is to provide information and to explore topics that are of interest to us as well as to you, and in that respect, we will be inviting our readers to introduce their own topics in our interactive forums.†††

I hasten to add while I hope Green Paw will be an interesting, informative, and fun place to visit, the information we present here is by no means intended as the final word.† You as a responsible caretaker must always consult your veterinarian on the specific health care of your pet.†

When we adopt a pet, we take on a responsibility but it is a responsibility that Iíd like to think most people embrace as a labor of love.† I had a cat named Arthur who I simply adored.† The last four years of her life were challenging as she had diabetes, requiring daily insulin shots, a special diet, and special care.† After she passed, some people trying to offer consolation, said things like ďyou did so much for that cat.Ē† But, she did much more for me.† Arthur was my co-pilot for 17 years.† We lived in four states, 11 residences, and traversed the country three times.† (Iím really not a gypsy; there were just a lot of big life changes during those years.)† She was my constant through changing jobs and changing relationships.† And she always seemed to know when I needed her attention, kindness, entertainment, or simply her company.

And thatís how I feel about our animalsÖ.what they unconditionally give to us is so much more than we could ever return.† Each animal who comes into my life and my home (which then becomes their home) is my responsibility.† But, it is a responsibility I welcome wholeheartedly.†††

While Green Paw is primarily about our animals, we will explore topics that affect people as well as the environment because, quite frankly, we all live on one planet.† We share a finite amount of natural resources, and I believe that we all must work together to ensure that the beauty of our planet and all its unique and wondrous creatures are protected and cherished not only in our lifetime, but many more to come.†

We can't all be on the front lines working for animal or environmental causes (thankfully, there are many people who are), but we all can, in our own busy lives, make choices or take small steps that do make a difference.† For example, using organic products that not only are healthier for our pets and ourselves, but also for the earth is something we can do.† We can extend that commitment to using environmentally friendly cleaning products that not only are better for us and our pets, but also the planet.† And, we can put our names on petitions for issues that we feel passionately about.† Itís as much the small actions of a great number of people that manifest change, as the great actions of a few.†

At Green Paw, we celebrate animals, the people who treasure them and choose to share their lives and homes with them, the people who champion their causes, and the planet we live on.

We don't have all the answers.† Thatís why we do what we do.† We're always trying to find more ways to educate ourselves about our animal companions.† Itís an evolving responsibility, but if you're like me, itís one that is a wonderfully rewarding and pleasurable one.

Thanks for reading, and please come back and continue to enjoy.

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