Hero Dog Leads State Trooper to Fire in Alaska

If anyone had doubts about man's best friend, there's Buddy the hero German shepherd in Alaska who led a State Trooper to the fire at his family's home.  When Ben Heinrichs' workshop caught fire he told his dog Buddy "We need to get help."  Ben didn't really think his faithful friend would comply, but off Buddy went. 
State Troopers had been alerted by neighbors that they saw a fireball erupt in the distance.  State Trooper Terrence Shanigan was on his way but when his global positioning device failed, he was at a loss.  Along came Buddy and on a hunch, the trooper followed Buddy down the winding, dark backroads to the fire -- all caught on the trooper's dashboard camera.  The trooper was then able to radio the fire department and give directions through the difficult back roads.  They arrived in the nick of time to save the family's home.
Buddy seemed to take it all in stride when he was honored as a hero, and given a stainless steel dog bowl engraved with words of appreciation from the troopers for his "diligence and assistance."
Buddy and Ben were in a detached workshop when a heater ignited chemicals.  Ben suffered burns on his face and hands.  All agree matters would've gotten a lot worse if not for Buddy's valiant deed. 
Congratulations Buddy!   We hope you're getting lots of extra belly rubs and treats!

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